• Product Description

    Dedicated two pole voltage tester ideal for use with safe isolation procedures.

    12 - 50 - 120 - 230 - 400V AC/DC voltage detection.

    Retractable probe shrouds.

    With retractable probe shouds, the Kewtech KT1720 is ideal for use in a wide variety of voltage testing applications.

    The KT1720 is able to detect both AC/DC voltage in steps of 12, 50, 120, 230 and 400V. As each voltage is detected, dual LED lights for each level will illuminate on the front of the tester. The dual lamps signify either AC or DC voltage, with another separate light for polarity.

    This voltage tester requires absolutely no batteries to operate, and its compact design means using it is as simple as possible.

    This product is designed in accordance with GS38, and is also BSEN 61243-3: 2010, EN61010 CAT IV 600V and BSEN 613 26-1: 1010 certified.


    Five voltage ranges

    Compact design encourages safe site use

    No batteries required

    Separate lamps indicate AC or DC with polarity

    Retractable probe sleeve

    Permanent GS38 compliance

    BSEN 61243-3: 20110

    EN61010 CATIV 600V

    BSEN 613 26-1:2010

    Double insulated leads 1.4m long

    Dual LEDS for each voltage level indication

    Ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and suitable for use with gauntlets / PPE equipment

    Item Specification

    Voltage Range 12 - 50 - 120 - 230 - 400V AC/DC
    Voltage Category CAT IV 600V
    Operating current Less than 3.5mA (Conforms to BSEN 61010)
    Cable Double insulated silicone 1.4metres
    Power Supply Self powered from voltage source, no batteries required
    Duty cycle 2 minutes on 10 minutes off for voltages above 330V

    Additional Details

    Type Voltage Testers & Proving Units