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    A Guide to Emergency Lighting

    To help all those involved in designing installing and manufacturing emergency lighting systems meet new fire safety legislation the British Standards Institution (BSI) has just released A Guide to Emergency Lighting.

    Planned new legislation will place considerable responsibility on anyone working with fire safety risk assessments. Users of emergency lighting systems and their supporting engineers will need appropriate knowledge of the legislation relevant standards and product practices to ensure that their legal obligations are correctly implemented. They will also have to complete documentation to be able to demonstrate their systems comply with the new requirements.

    BSI's new book A Guide to Emergency Lighting is designed to help designers installation and maintenance engineers purchasers and end-users provide appropriate emergency lighting systems that comply with this new legislation and thereby assist occupants leave premises safely in case of an incident.

    Please note this book will be under review by BSI in the first quarter of 2020.

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    Publication Date12/06/2012

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    Author BSI
    Industry Electric
    Knowledge Area Emergency Lighting