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18th Edition - Changes to Part 1

05 July 2018

Changes to Part One were kept to a minimum because a new version of the International document on which it is based will be published shortly after the cut-off date for 18th Edition work. Any modifications necessary to meet the technical intent of this new version will be incorporated into Amendment 1 when that is published.

Notable changes include the following:

  • Removal of the year reference where the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) are referred to in Regulation 114.1 and elsewhere in the standard. The version of these Regulations applicable to Northern Ireland, although identical in content to the version applicable to England, Scotland and Wales, has a different ‘year’ reference. Making this small change clarifies that the references to these Regulations in BS 7671 are applicable to all parts of the United Kingdom.

  • Regulation 120.3 states that any departures must be recorded on the ‘appropriate certification’, recognising that either an Electrical Installation Certificate or a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate, where appropriate for the work undertaken, may be issued. A similar requirement has been introduced in Regulation 133.1.3 for when equipment not in accordance with a recognised standard is used, or equipment is used outside the scope of its standard. In both cases, the designer is declaring that the resulting degree of safety of the installation will not be less than that obtained by compliance with the Regulations.

  • Regulation 132.2 now requires details relating to prospective fault current, rather than prospective short-circuit current, are included in the documentation of the characteristics of available supply or supplies.

  • In Regulation 132.8, a clearer distinction is made between overload and fault current when considering the characteristics of protective equipment during its selection at the design stage.

  • Regulation 132.13 now requires additionally that documentation is provided relating to characteristics of supplies (313.1) and co-ordination of electrical devices (536.5) for every electrical installation.

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