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18th Edition - Changes to Part 2

05 July 2018

A number of the definitions in Part Two have been modified. 

The term Discrimination has been replaced by selectivity although the meaning remains the same.

Back-up protection is now defined as:
Protection of a device by overcurrent co-ordination between that device and an overcurrent protective device (OCPD) in series with it, generally but not necessarily on the supply side. This prevents any excessive stress on the electrical device.

A number of new definitions have been introduced as a result of the expansion of Section 536.

Departures are an acceptable and useful design approach in certain circumstances, where used with the agreement of all parties to a contract. The term departure has been defined to highlight this. Departures make possible the development of new products and techniques and the use of such when they are not yet covered by relevant product standards.

With reference to the new definition for non-compliance, it should be noted that BS 7671 only requires the recording of non-compliances with the standard which may give rise to danger. 

A definition is only required where a word or term used in BS 7671 has a specific meaning in that context which differs to its meaning in normal use. If the meaning is that in common usage or is clear to the users of BS 7671 a definition is not required.

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