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NICEIC and ELECSA are partnering with JTL to offer 18th Edition Training

21 March 2018

NICEIC, ELECSA and JTL have formed a unique partnership to ensure electrical contractors have access to the best training available, ready for the 18th Edition changes.

As the UK's leading certification body in the electrical industry, with over 36,000 registered contractors, we pride ourselves in offering the best technical support and training. 

To make it easier for you to receive high quality training closer to home, we have partnered with JTL.

JTL is the UK’s leading training and electrical apprenticeship provider. It supports over 3,000 companies and 6,000 apprentices every year. NICEIC and ELECSA are the UK’s leading certification bodies with over 36,000 registered contractors.

JTL operates nine of its own centres, and has access to more than 100 training locations throughout England and Wales, whilst NICEIC and ELECSA have access to 80% of the country’s electricians. NICEIC and ELECSA presently manage two dedicated electrical training centres in the UK and have access to another 10 centres.

The collaboration between the organisations means they will be able to provide the highest quality 18th Edition training at more locations and to more contractors than ever before.

Jon Graham, CEO at JTL said: "We are delighted to be partnering with NICEIC and ELECSA on this exciting initiative which is hugely important for our sector."

"It makes sense to combine the resources and expertise of both organisations."

"Together we bring a wealth of technical expertise, along with experience in delivering high quality and innovative training solutions to our customers."

"Helping more customers to gain confidence and understanding of the changes is the reason we have entered into this training partnership” commented Emma Clancy – CEO of NICEIC and ELECSA.  

"It means we will be able to meet contractors training needs in more centres across England and Wales than ever before - saving contractors both time and money.” 

NICEIC, ELECSA and JTL are currently developing training programmes that will ensure electricians can benefit from the latest training delivery methods.  This will include a mixture of classroom and online courses to suit all needs.