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Who is behind the Wiring Regulations?

11 December 2017

Well despite the popular myth it is not actually NICEIC!
BS 7671 is actually produced by the IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology). BS 7671 is the UK version of wiring regulations which are primarily based on an IEC standard and European CENELEC harmonised documents (HDs).

So how is BS7671 developed?
First of all The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) publishes the 60364 standard which is specific to electrical installations of buildings.

Following the ratification of the IEC document, the European technical standards body CENELEC, of which the UK is a full member, publishes an equivalent 60364 standard in the form of HDs.

A requirement of being a member of CENELEC is that the UK National Committee has to publish the technical intent of a HD and withdraw any conflicting standards. 

The UK includes the technical intent of the HDs in the form of BS 7671. Industry representatives, manufacturers and technical experts from JPEL/64 take an active part in the maintenance teams and thus the development of the content.

*It is worth noting post-Brexit that there will be no change in the UK involvement in international standards such as IEC, and the UK’s intention is to remain a full member of CEN and CENELEC enabling UK experts to continue to influence the content of standards that are tools of the market used voluntarily across Europe. This is on the basis that CEN and CENELEC are not agencies of the EU and that their current membership is broader than the EU.