• Product Description

    KNIPEX X-Cut Compact Diagonal Cutters 160mm VDE

    The Knipex 73 06 160 X-Cut is a multi-talented all-rounder cutting plier with insulated multi-component grips and VDE tested handles. It has a box joint design that is compact, light and simultaneously powerful and highly precise. With its wide range of cutting abilities, it offers versatility in industry, trades and crafts. The VDE version of this plier is individually tested at 10,000V to ensure safe working at up to 1,000V and passes EN60900. A specially engraved jaw prevents the wire slipping away from the pivot point, ensuring an easy, clean cut every time.

    The X-Cut cuts through the finest strands with great precision, has the force required for easy cutting hard piano wire, and features a large jaw opening for multi-stranded cables.

    The X-Cut is compact and light but nevertheless heavy-duty and sturdy , it is the new all-rounder among the diagonal cutters.

    Item Specification

    Medium hard wire3.8mm
    Hard wire2.7mm
    Piano wire2.2mm
    Soft wire4.8mm
    Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter)12.0mm
    Net weight175g

    Additional Details

    Length 160mm
    Type Cable Cutters