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    Intermediate MCB LOTO Kit - ECBKIT - Reece Safety Products.

    This circuit breaker / isolator lockout kit is our best seller and is ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical isolators.

    Designed for use in today's industrial applications.


    12 different types of breaker lockout, models CB01, CB02, CB03, CB04, CB05, CB06, CB07, CB08, CB09, CB12, CB16 & UCL1 which will cover the majority of the applications in today's industry
    most popular MLH1 stainless steel lockout hasp
    2 individual R410RED labelled padlocks
    pack of our RPT29AR re-usable "Do Not Operate" tags
    non-permanent marker and ties for clear lockout identification
    All supplied as a kit in a strong rigid plastic storage container

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    StoragePlastic container Lockout Kit Code

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    Type Lockout Kit