• Product Description

    Ultimate MCB LOTO Kit - UCBKIT - Reece Safety Products.

    This circuit breaker / isolator lockout kit is the ultimate for locking off circuit breakers in domestic / industrial applications.

    Ideal for group use or just to cover every type of MCB / toggle switch application in today's market.


    1 each of the devices, models CB01, CB02, CB03, CB04, CB05, CB06, CB07, CB08, CB09, CB10, CB11, CB12, CB13, CB14, CB15, CB16, UCL1, UCL2, UCL5, S2391, S2390, CLT1 & CLT2.
    2 of our MLH1 lockout hasps
    4 individual R410RED labelled padlocks
    pack of LSE10T "Do Not Operate" tags
    marker pen

    Item Specification

    Lockout Kit CodeUCBKIT

    Additional Details

    Type Lockout Kit