• Product Description

    WIHA ErgoStar key set

    Blade Chrome vanadium steel, through-hardened, brilliant chrome-plated.

    Application Especially for screws that are difficult to access.

    Standards Based on ISO 2936L.

    Extra Mechanical operation of the space-saving ErgoStar holder makes simplest removal of each individual L-key possible without movement of the others.
    The ball end enables fastening and unfastening at an angle of up to 30°.
    Metric scale permanently lasered on to the (SW 10) key for depth, inner, outer and step measurements between 20 to 150 mm.
    Only available as part of a set.


    The best keys in the best holder The best keys; brilliant chrome plating for incredible lifespan; 30o ball ends for unbeatable agility
    The best holder; twist one key to fan them all open; no more fiddling with several keys to get the one you need.
    The 10mm key has a laser etched depth scale.
    Comes with a quick release wall bracket.
    5 year warranty.

    Item Specification

    Hexagon socket 1  L-key length 91 
     L-key short blade length 15 
     Weight 1.6
    Hexagon socket 2  L-key length 101 
     L-key short blade length 18 
     Weight 3.1
    Hexagon socket 2.5  L-key length 113 
     L-key short blade length 20 
     Weight 5.4
    Hexagon socket 3  L-key length 128 
     L-key short blade length 23 
     Weight 8.7
    Hexagon socket 4  L-key length 
     L-key short blade length 29 
     Weight 17.3
    Hexagon socket 5  L-key length 163 
     L-key short blade length 33 
     Weight 30.4
    Hexagon socket 6  L-key length 184 
     L-key short blade length 38 
     Weight 50
    Hexagon socket 8  L-key length 206 
    L-key short blade length 44 
    Weight 99
    Hexagon socket 10  L-key length 231 
    L-key short blade length 50 
    Weight 173