• Product Description

    WIHA Super Seven Tool set.


    VDE SlimFix Screwdrivers:

    SlimFix technology provides up to a 33% reduction of the blade diameter, allowing effortless access to difficult areas, such as low-lying fastening/spring elements
    The high quality blade insulation is moulded directly onto the blade and therefore guarantees safety when working on live equipment up to 1500V DC or 1000V AC
    Each and every screwdriver is individually tested in a water bath at 10000V according to IEC 60900:2004
    VDE and GS tested and certificated
    SoftFinish handles features a solid moulded core with soft outer grip. The ergonomic design requires 40% less force, yet achieves more torque than conventional handles
    Roll-off protection so that the screwdriver wont roll away when placed on a flat surface
    Printed screw symbol on handle end for fast identification

    Heavy Duty diagonal cutters 160mm:

    VDE and GS Tested as per screwdrivers above
    Dynamic Joint means that up to 40% less force is required for cutting, ensuring optimal transmission of the hand strength to the cutting edges. The low expenditure of energy thanks to the dynamic joint is especially advantageous when cutting a large number of hard objects. It also lengthens the life of the tool
    The joint is extremely wear resistant and can withstand high stresses, and is secured with high quality riveting
    The cutting edges are individually tempered and additionally induction hardened
    The pliers head is drop forged from high quality steels
    Extra wide handle backs, with soft and hard zones perfectly distributed across the handle. The soft handles ensure low friction in the movement range of the fingers. The rear of the handle is slightly wider to prevent the hands from slipping in use

    Item Specification

    VDE SlimFix Screwdrivers
    Terminal (MCB) Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter160mm
    VDE & GS Tested according to IEC 60900:2004

    Additional Details

    Tip Type Mixed
    Type VDE Screwdrivers