• Product Description

    This fantastic product from Socket & See is ideal for Electricians testing light fittings.
    The Socket & See LTKIT10 has five adaptors that allow for easy connection and testing at light fittings: LTBC 02, LTES 04, LTMBC 06, LTMES 08, LTGU 10.
    Presented with 2 x 120cm, 4mm test leads in a protective carry pouch.

    What's included:

    • Bayonet Fitting
    • GU10
    • Small Edison Screw
    • Small Bayonet Fitting
    • Edison Screw Fitting, 2 x 120cm
    • 4mm Test Leads
    • Protective Carrier Pouch


    Allows easy, safe connection to light fittings
    The fastest way to check insulation/continuity/loop/polarity
    High quality low ohn 4mm connectors
    Safer and saves time: leave the light fitting in place
    Easier/better connection allows hands-free
    No broken connections
    Great for use in awkward/high situations
    No damage to fittings

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers