• Product Description

    One of each type of ECA Labels.

    What Is Included:

    x1 Periodic Inspection and Test Label (Regulation 514-12-01)

    Inspection and Test label records the date of the last inspection and the recommended date for the next one which is a requirement of Regulation 514-12-02.

    x1 RCD Residual Circuit Device Label (Regulation 514-12-02) 

    These labels are designed to be left on the fuse board to advise customers of the procedure they carry out if their circuit trips. 

    x1 Caution Label (Regulation 514-14-01)

    For alterations or additions to electrical installations where both wiring colours are used a warning notice must be fixed at the distribution board or consumer unit. The labels alert electricians to the use of both former and harmonised cable colours.

    x1 Missing Circuit Protective Conductor Warning Label

    Warning labels when replacing a consumer unit in domestic premises where lighting circuits have no protective cover. These labels warn the user against replacing insulated lighting fittings or switches with metal lighting fittings or switches.

    Item Specification

    Pack Size 4

    Additional Details

    Industry Electric
    Scheme ECA
    Type Labels