• Product Description

    Find that dead circuit - fast with the Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder!
    The Socket & See DCF200 offers bright, easy to read LED's, Clear Audible Indication and Error Free testing.

    What's included:

    Socket & See DCF200 Transmitter
    DCF200 Receiver
    Instruction Manual
    Carry Case


    Receiver Features:

    Simple operation by single button
    Automatically adjusts to received signal strength no fiddly volume wheels or range buttons
    Dual audible/visual indication
    Auto power-off
    Low battery indication
    Self Check facility

    Transmitter Features:

    Simple operation by single button
    Battery powered - does not use mains supply
    Auto power-off
    Low battery indication
    Drives long cables
    Works with or without an earth
    Warning of short circuit or potentially hazardous voltages
    Protected against accidental mains connection up to 440V


    Fuse Finding - find which fuse is feeding the dead circuit
    Wire Tracing - trace wires through floors and walls
    Wire Picking - pick the correct wire from a bundle or loom
    Wire break detection - locate a break in a wire
    Find a circuit by identifying the individual conductor
    Trace cables up to 50cm away
    Internal battery, 9V cell operation for both transmitter and receiver
    4 - Way product - Simple to use

    Additional Details

    Type Cable Locator & Fuse Finders