• Product Description

    Top of its class, the Primetest 100 is a functional, diverse and highly useful tool.
    Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, comprehensive unit.

    Simply pushing a button will give you the option of either PAT Test mode, Class I and Class II, IEC Lead Test mode or Power Socket mode. To further add to its easy operation, a bright display shows the test results values as well as PASS or FAIL indication. And like the Primetest 100's family members, it is battery powered to help users be quicker and more efficient in their work.

    PATMobile makes PAT testing quicker and easier, using Seawards best selling manual PAT testers. Tag phots, log results & Export your data. Available on Apple & Android devices’.

    This is a great choice for those looking for a great, versatile tester.  

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    Easy Use - Testing with the Primetest 100 couldn't be easier. In fact, it only takes the press of a button to choose your testing mode. 

    Hand-Sized/Highly Portable - Measuring only 26x10cm, the Primetest 100 fits into the palm of your hand. It's lighter too, under 1kg, making it one of the smallest testers available.
    Power to the Battery Like its big brothers, the Primetest 100 is battery powered, making it light, portable and extremely easy to use because there are no cables to plug in.

    What Is Included:

    0.5m extension adaptor

    Earth bond lead

    6 x AA batteries

    Carry case

    Item Specification

    Test Current  +/- 200mA DC
    Earth Continuity
    PASS/FAIL Threshold  0.2ohms
    Insulation Range test Voltages  500V
    DC Input Voltage range 230V +10%, -15% AC
    Power Source  6 x AA Batteries

    Additional Details

    Type PAT Tester