• Product Description

    The GBH 2-20 D Professional is the smallest and handiest SDS-plus Bosch hammer – and yet still a high-performance tool. It measures just 32.5 cm and weighs 2.3 kg. The additional chisel function makes this tool very versatile and, thanks to its compact design, especially suitable for overhead work and drilling in tight spaces. With the powerful 650 watt motor, the tool ensures a quick drilling rate and high chiselling performance. For the latter, it even exceeds the other entry level rotary hammers by 30 percent. The sturdy stacked construction of the Bosch GBH 2-20 D Professional also ensures a long lifetime and makes it an ideal tool for electricians and plumbers as well as for heating engineers or interior fitters.


    The optimal application range of the GBH 2-20 D Professional in concrete is 4 – 10 mm. For different work processes, this rotary hammer also offers some useful additional functions: Forward/reverse rotation is helpful for dislodging jammed drill bits. The impact stop function allows you to drill in wood in the blink of an eye. Continuously variable speed control ensures exact and clean drilling. To protect users and the machine, the GBH 2-20 D Professional is equipped with an overload clutch. The SDS-plus tool chuck ensures quick changing of the SDS-plus accessories and optimal power transmission.

    No fatigue during overhead work

    Thanks to its compact design and light weight of 2.3 kg, the GBH 2-20 D Professional is particularly well suited to long overhead jobs. Not only that, but the GBH 2-20 D Professional, with its high-performance 650 watt motor, penetrates the material easily when drilling and quickly removes material when chiselling. The practical impact stop provided ensures that tradespeople can measure the depth of their drilled holes precisely. The handle below the tool chuck can be adjusted in different angles so that the machine can be guided easily in any position.

    Ideal for serial drilling and chiseling

    For serial drilling or overhead work, such as when laying electrical cables, tradespeople require a lightweight and compact tool which still enables them to work quickly. The GBH 2-20 D Professional is ideally suited to these requirements. This rotary hammer is ideal for drilling holes for fixings (optimal for 4 to 10 mm diameter, max. 20 mm) in concrete or masonry and for cutting cable ducts. Jammed drill bits can be put into use again quickly thanks to the built-in forward/reverse rotation. When using a range of materials, the GBH 2-20 D Professional can be converted in no time using the impact stop function. And continuously variable speed adjustment makes it easier for tradespeople to drill cleanly.


    • Lightweight and compact, ideal for working overhead.
    • Robust stacked construction for a long lifetime.
    • Versatile range of applications due to chisel function.
    • Overload clutch to protect the user and the machine.
    • Forward/reverse rotation for dislodging jammed drill bits.
    • Continuously variable speed control for clean drilling starts.
    • Impact stop for drilling in wood and steel.

    Item Specification

    Rated power input650 W
    Max. impact energy1,7 J
    Impact rate at rated speed0 – 4.200 bpm
    Rated speed0 – 1.300 rpm
    Bit holderSDS-plus drilling range
    Drilling diameter in concrete with hammer drill bits4 – 20 mm
    Optimum range of applications in concrete with hammer drill bits4 – 10 mm
    Drilling diameter in concrete with core cutters68 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in masonry with core cutters68 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in steel13 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in wood30 mm

    Additional Details

    Corded or Cordless Corded
    Length 32.5cm
    Type Hammer Drill
    Voltage 110V
    Weight 2.3kg