• Product Description

    Faithfull's next generation of site lighting have high performance, high output, chip on board (COB) LEDs which provide a bright light with up to a 90% energy saving, compared to the equivalent light output from halogen lighting. These lamps provide a high light output with the added advantage of a low power consumption, with a cool running temperature.

    LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional Halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over. Faithfull LED site lights are designed for use in both domestic and commercial applications, each lamp is constructed from a die-cast body and tough glass lens to prevent accidental damage to the LED.

    Excellent illumination of up to 1,400 lumens is provided from a single 20 watt LED lamp, which is mounted on a sturdy telescopic stand that enables the lamp height to be adjusted. The lamp can be independently adjusted horizontally and vertically to position the light exactly where needed.

    Advantages over conventional Halogen lighting:

    - Low power consumption up to 90% lower compared to the equivalent light output from a halogen lamp.

    - Long working life and low running temperature with no burn hazard.

    - Resilient to impact damage that would cause Halogen tubes to fail.

    Additional Details

    Cable Length 3m
    Type Site Light
    Voltage 110v