• Product Description

    The Faithfull trailing lead comes in 4 heavy duty versions, 110V or 240V in 14 metre lengths in 1.5mm and 2.5mm cable. All have robust trailing leads fitted with a heavy -duty rubber case on the 240V version and hardened plastic plug and socket on the 110V version, this gives added durabilty and protection from being dropped and dragged around the ground etc. The Faithfull trailing leads are ideal for power tools, transformers etc, as they can be used for giving a much wider work area.

    Item Specification

    Fully unwound3.5kw (32A)
    Fully wound1.4kw (7A)
    Socket110V 16A
    Plug110V 16A

    Additional Details

    Amp 16A
    Cable Length 14m
    Type Site Light
    Voltage 110v