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    Bundle includes 4 short guides + free site guide.

    A Short Guide to Locations Containing Swimming Pools, other Basins or Saunas

    This guide explains the electrical installation within the basins of swimming pools, fountains and paddling pools and to the encircling zones. Covering the zones for the electrical installations and also the use of protective multiple earthing (PME) to help compliance with bs 7671.

    In traditional circumstances, persons using a pool, fountain or paddling pool ar at accumulated risk of electrical shock due to:

    • The absence of resistance between body and earth ordinarily providing by footwear or covering.
    • A reduction in body resistance caused either by bodily immersion or by wet skin.
    • The potential contact of substantial areas of the body with earth potential.

    A Short Guide to Electric Floor and Ceiling Heating Systems 

    This guide clarifies the requirements of the BS 7671 applicable to floor and ceiling heating system with reference to any relevant requirements and recommendations given in other statutory and non statutory documents.

    Electrical floors and ceiling heating systems can be a primary risk of impact/penetration of concealed heating units and cables of such systems by nails, screws and the like, which results in increased risk of electric shock and fire. This guide will protection against electric shock and external influences against the building regulation compliance.

    A Short Guide to Mains and Sub-mains

    This short guide attempts to clarify many of the issues encountered, debunk common myths and serve as a useful practical reference source for the designer and installer of distribution circuits.

    A Short Guide to RCD's

    The purpose of this sort guide is to provide the electrical contractor with an easy to read reference source that explains how RCDs should be selected and installed in order to meet the requirements of BS 7671-Requirement for Electrical Installations and discusses the maintenance and fault-finding of RCD protected circuits.

    FREE Site Guide for Electrical Installations

    The new book, which extends to over 300 pages, features the most up-to-date and relevant information for contractors undertaking electrical installation work on small electrical installations, including those in domestic premises. It provides guidance for carrying out the design, construction, inspection and testing of electrical installation work and is intended to promote good practice across the industry.

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