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    BS EN 62446-1:2016

    Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance. Grid connected systems. Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection.

    What is this standard about? 

    The first of three, this part of BS EN 62446 defines the information and documentation that should be handed over to the new owner of a grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system. It also describes different commissioning test regimes, inspection criteria and documentation that can be used to verify the safe installation and correct operation of the system.

    Who is this standard for?

    Grid connected solar PV system designers and installers

    Anyone with responsibility for verifying these systems after installation

    System owners/operators responsible for re-inspection, maintenance or modifications  

    Why should you use this standard? 

    Grid connected PV systems are expected to last many decades, with maintenance or modifications likely at some point over this period. BS EN 62446 outlines the specifications and most up-to-date technical guidance, to help ensure the long-term performance and safety of the systems. 

    This part is written for grid connected PV systems that do not use energy storage (e.g. batteries) or hybrid systems.

    What’s changed since the last update?

    The original standard on this topic was published in 2009. Subsequently that standard has been split into three parts, of which this is the first. The other two are: 

    BS EN 62446-2 Photovoltaic (PV) systems - Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance - Grid connected systems - Maintenance of PV systems 

    BS EN 62446-3 Photovoltaic (PV) systems - Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance - Outdoor infrared thermography of photovoltaic modules and plants 

    Significant technical changes include:

    The expansion of the scope to include a wider range of system test and inspection regimes to encompass larger and more complex PV systems

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    Publication Date  30 April 2016
    Publisher BSI

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    Author BSI
    Industry Electric
    ISBN (13 digits) 9780580815782
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