• Product Description

    The ALL NEW DL9118 multifunction tester has been designed to fully comply with the testing requirements of the 18th Edition. It also incorporates many of the features that we have come to expect with modern MFTs. It is designed to be worn around the neck with a comfortable harness, for easy function selecting and testing.

    The RCD-LOC XLT 'patent pending' feature allows loop testing without tripping any type of RCD or RCBO with very high accuracy. The DL9118 is also packed full of features, such as a Remote Test Probe, Auto Start Loop & Continuity, colour changing LCD display indicating error, and comes complete with a toolbox style carry case.  All in all, the DL9118 offers incredible value for a feature packed MFT meeting all the safety and performance requirements of BS EN 61557.

    PLUS - Free DL6790

    CombiVolt™ Voltage & Continuity Testers with Phase Rotation Test.

    The three-in-one testers with a rugged, ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling.

    Fully conformant to BS EN 64213-3:2015

    Item Specification

    Display 3½ digit LCD 1999 digits
    Insulation resistance 0.05 – 2000 MΩ
    Test voltage at 1mA 250,500, 1000V
    Continuity 0.05 – 199 Ω
    Loop Impedance 0.01 – 2000 Ω
    PSCC 0 – 26 kA
    RCD nominal test currents 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 mA, ½ x 30 mA, 5 x 30 mA
    Trip time 0 – 500 ms
    Tripping current with ramp test ½ rated current to 1.1 rated current
    Voltage 0 – 440 V
    Frequency 45 – 65 Hz
    Safety standards EN61010, BS EN 61557 BS 7671
    Over voltage category CAT III 440 V
    Power supply 6 x 1.5 V AA batteries
    Dimensions 260 x 105 x 55 mm
    Weight 836 g

    Additional Details

    Type Multifunctional Testers