• Product Description

    Popular contractor orientated clamp meter - strong and robust.

    0.01A accuracy below 40A means it measures down to 10mA.

    Measures DC current with a DC adjust - ideal for Solar Installations and automotive applications.

    The Kewtech KT203 is a versatile and robust digital clamp meter that's suitable for a wide variety of different testing applications.

    Featuring large jaws (33mm) for clamping securely around various different conductors, the Kewtech KT203 is capable of measuring current up a threshold of 400A both AC/DC with an optional 40A measurement function. All tests are carried out with high accuracy and are easily selectable using a rotary dial on the front of the device.

    This clamp meter also comes with additional measurement capabilities and can be used to measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V, resistance up to 4000Ω and it also carries out continuity measurements as well.

    Extra features of the KT203 include a sleep feature to conserve battery life, data hold functionality and 4000 count LCD display.

    This digital clamp meter is IEC 61010-1 compliant and CAT III 600V safety rated.


    Measures Current up to 400A AC/DC

    Measures Voltage up to 600V AC/DC


    Continuity buzzer

    30mm jaw size

    Sleep function

    Data hold memory function

    Display: 4000 counts

    Complies to IEC61010-1 (CAT. III) UL3111 & VDE0411 300V

    What Is Included:

    Test leads


    Instruction manual

    Additional Details

    Type Clamp Meter & Current Sensors