• Product Description

    Designed as a complete PAT management software package, which can be used to download data from the MartinMPAT Suite software is desidale MicroPAT Plus, or as a standalone package.

    Designed to make your job easier, Martindale MPAT Suite has powerful Group and Sort options giving you more control when displaying your test data on screen. Appliance and Location abbreviations also help to speed up testing in the field; For example entering KE on the PAT Tester will result in the software displaying KETTLE. Abbreviations are completely user definable and can be printed out for quick reference. Abbreviations are only replaced if the user chooses the Replace Abbreviations option from within the software.

    Another great feature of the Martindale MPAT Suite software is the Bulk Replace and Bulk Replace Selected, this allows the user to easily make sweeping changes to all information relating to Appliances, such as Site, Location, User and Retest Period etc.

    A Validate feature will check the file for missing data, prompting the user to add any information that may be missing, along with a spell check. All the test information is then clearly displayed on screen, with all test results.

    Microwave Leakage and RCD test results can be manually added to any appliance, with dedicated reports that can either be printed or exported showing these test results.

    Additional Details

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