• Product Description

    The Socket & see RCD PRO shares many features of advanced, more expensive multifunction testers, including ramp and auto testing. Advanced features such as hands free and built in polarity test pad offer extra user convenience and safety. Encased in a tough rubber boot with large back lit screen, the RCD PRO is a 'go anywhere' tool that is designed to survive frequent use. The smooth rotary dial and large buttons both make for ease of use, even when wearing gloves. The RCD PRO is also easy to maintain with a clean damp cloth and mild detergent.

    Socket & See RCD PRO test sequences:

    30mA Auto Test

    The 30mA auto test is available for A and AC type RCD. The tester will monitor the mains for correct polarity and voltage. If parameters are correct the Volts Present LED will illuminate green and a test can the carried out. On pressing the test button. The auto test will begin. X½ , x1 and x5 tests will automatically be carried out at 0º and 180º. The results can be seen by using the recall button to toggle through results.

    RCD Manual Testing

    Select the required RCD type on the rotary dial. Then use the multiplier button to select the required test current. If the mains polarity and voltage is correct the green volts present LED will illuminate and a test can be carried out by pushing the test button. The first test will always be done at 0º the tester will then automatically cycle to 180° ready for the next test.

    Ramp test

    Rather than applying a set test current this gradually increases the level of additional leakage to identify at what current the RCD trips. Select the required RCD type on the rotary dial. Then use the multiplier button to select the ramp feature. If the mains polarity and voltage is correct the green volts present LED will illuminate and a test can be carried out by pushing the test button. The tester will display the leakage current at which the RCD tripped along with a pass or fail indication.

    Hands Free

    The Hands Free function can be used with any RCD test. Select the required RCD type on the rotary dial. Press the Hands Free button HANDSFREE will be displayed on the screen. Once the tester is connected, correct voltage and polarity is confirmed a RCD test will be conducted without TEST being pressed.

    Polarity Test Pad

    It is a little known fact that a system can be reverse wired with Live (Phase) to earth/neutral and earth/neutral to Live (Phase) The sockets will all work and conventional testers will show and test that everything is correct despite this very dangerous wiring condition. The Socket & See PDL PRO is fully BS EN 61010 and BS EN 61557 certified. EMC compliance - BS EN 61326


    Tests most commonly found RCD types (AC, A, ACS)

    Simple auto test for 30mA RCDs

    Ramp test for convenience

    x½ , x1 test on all RCD types

    x5 test on 30mA RCD’s

    Auto 0º - 180º toggle

    AC Voltage VLN

    Distribution network operator polarity test pad

    Result Recall

    Hands free function

    Polarity, voltage present LED

    Auto switch off function for battery preservation.

    What's included:

    Socket & See IRC PRO

    Socket & See IRC PRO manual

    Lead set with probes and croc clips

    Magnetic hanging strap

    4 x AA alkaline batteries

    Additional Details

    Type Single Function Testers