• Product Description

    For use with Insulation / Continuity testers and Multifunction Testers.

    50 Meters of high quality multi-stranded copper test lead.

    Earth bond continuity tesing can be done on baths, radiators, pipe work, sinks etc. this can only be done with  this wonder lead.

    Need to perform testing at a distance? Kewtech's ACC50MTL is a 50m length, easy-to-wind test lead supplied in a cable reel.

    Ideal for performing both professional R2 and main earth bond verification tests, the ACC50MTL's long length makes it ideal for use in applications where standard test leads simply wouldn't be suitable.

    This probe is terminated in industry-standard 4mm connectors and the lead itself is made of double insulated PVC.

    A crocodile clip is also included with the lead.


    Essential for fast professional R2 and main earth bond verification testing.

    Item Specification

    Insulation Double sleeved PVC
    Diameter of Cable 3.8 mm
    Diameter of each strand 0.08 mm
    Number of strands 176
    Total cross section of conductor 0.878 mm2
    Length 50 m
    Nominal resistance per metre 0.02 Ω

    Additional Details

    Type Test Leads & Accessories