• Product Description

    The Appliance Test DLPT1 is a functional and diverse manual PAT tester. Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, electrical safety tester. Simply pushing a button will give you the option of PAT Test mode: Class I and II, IEC Lead test mode or Power Socket mode.

    The large LCD display shows the test results values as well as a PASS or FAIL indication. This piece of portable appliance testing equipment is battery powered and lightweight to enable quick and efficient portable appliance testing. 

    Appliance Test DLPT1 is one of the fastest, most compact PAT Tester available, providing accurate measurements of Earth Bond, Insulation, Leakage and mains outlet condition.

    The simple 3 button operation facilitates quick and accurate PAT testing at the touch of the button.

    The Appliance Test DLPT1 portable appliance tester is ideal for all application where comprehensive and regular testing as required.

    The unique design of the Appliance Test DLPT1 incorporates Seaward’s High/Low current test techniques which ensure accurate and repeatable measurement where other testers struggle to provide reliable readings.

    An inbuilt socket tester allows the user to ensure that the mains supply has been correctly wired.

    Item Specification

    Earth continuity 0.00 Ω - 19.99 Ω (Pass value 0.2 Ω)
    Insulation resistance 0.20 MΩ - 19.99 MΩ (Pass value 2 MΩ)
    Equivalent Leakage Class I  0.10 mA – 19.99 mA (Pass value 0.75 mA)
    Equivalent Leakage Class II 0.10 mA – 19.99 mA (Pass value 0.25 mA)
    Power socket tests 230V +10% - 15% AC. L-PE, L-N, N-PE
    IEC lead tests Earth test, Insulation and Polarity
    Power supply 6 x AA batteries
    Dimensions 260 x 100 x 55 mm
    Weight 800 g

    Additional Details

    Type PAT Tester