• Product Description

    This level 3 qualification helps learners develop the knowledge and practical skills required to carry out inspection and testing on electrical installations.

    The qualification offers three pathways depending on the type of inspection and testing required or previous qualifications gained by learners.

    It sets out methods of studying, offers advice on exam preparation and provides details of the scope and structure of the examinations.

    The book includes practice examinations, with fully worked and ‘model’ answers to help learners prepare for the sorts of questions they are likely to face in their exams.


    Include guidelines and advice about sitting the exam

    Include practice examinations, with fully worked and ‘model’ answers

    Act as a valuable revision.

    Item Specification

    Publication Date 01/09/2017
    Format Paperback

    Additional Details

    Author IET
    Industry Electric
    ISBN (13 digits) 9781785615696