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    The course aims to offer a balanced mix of theory and practice relating to the structured cabling system and its objective is to ensure that delegates will leave with adequate knowledge, confidence and practical experience for future supervision and assessment of system installations.


    There are no entry requirements to this course but it would be useful for each delegate to have an understanding of basic electrical theory or be practising as an electrical contractor or data installer.


    Structured Cabling Theory

    Installation of Structured Cabling

    Structured Cabling Systems Testing


    At the end of the course the delegate would have gained an understanding of the concepts of structured cabling systems, the types of cable used depending on the installation environment and practical tasks associated with installing, terminating and commissioning structured cabling networks. This will enable the installer to have the confidence to select and install the data cables, terminate into the data points and identify common faults associated with terminating the data points.

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    Additional Details

    Duration 1 Day
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