• Product Description

    The DLLOC2 Domestic Lockout kit is designed to give you the ability to safely Lockout any circuit within an existing or new domestic property.

    The kit gives a little more scope on comparison to the Personal Kit, no matter how old the installation. The kit comes nicely packaged in one of our carry pouches.

    With the latest amendment to the 17th Edition Guidance Note 2 – Amendment 3, lock off devices and “Safe Isolation” procedures are being enforced across the UK by all monitoring bodies.

    Kit includes:

    • DL8101 - Steel 38mm Safety Padlock
    • DL8103 - Steel Lockout Hasp 1"
    • DL8105 - Universal MCB Lockout Device (Aluminium)
    • DL8106 - MCB Pins-Out (Standard) Lockout Device
    • DL8130 - Lockout Tag x 2
    • DL8131 - Wipeable Marking Pen to identify your tags
    • CP1190 - Lockout Carry Pouch

    Additional Details

    Type Lockout Kit