• Product Description

    The IDEAL digital circuit breaker finder makes locating AC circuits quicker and easier than ever before. With the dependable second-pass indication, you can be confident that you are locating the correct circuit breaker or fuse supplying power to an AC socket or lighting fixture* without having to interrupt the circuit.

    Common wiring faults are instantly identified with the integrated socket tester. The Socket Tester feature verifies the wiring configuration of any 230VAC 3-wire outlet. This allows you to perform immediate troubleshooting and saves valuable time. 


    Locates breakers and fuses quickly and accurately

    Verifies presence of power

    Socket Tester feature identifies common wiring faults

    Non-contact voltage sensor for 80 – 300 VAC

    Low battery indicator

    Optional 61-184EU probe kit for testing at light fixtures

    2-year limited warranty

    What is included:

    61-534EU Digital Circuit Breaker Finder 

    61-184EU IEC 

    C-290 Soft Carrying Case