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  • The FLUKE-2AC is the latest addition to the VoltAlert AC non- contact voltage tester family from Fluke and it has been designed to be pocket-sized and easy to use. The 2AC tests for energized circuits and defective grounds, whether it's for an electrician on the factory floor or the do-it-yourselfer around the house.

    £19.00 (£22.80 inc VAT)
  • The FLUKE-LVD2 Volt Light combines bright light and voltage detection in one pen style design.

    £27.00 (£32.40 inc VAT)
  • All electricians need a two-pole tester like the FLUKE-T130. Experienced professionals know that they can and should trust their job, their reputation and even their personal safety to Fluke electrical test tools. Our new family of Two-Pole Voltage Testers is no exception. Built with state-of-the art measurement and safety technology, these testers offer everything you expect from Fluke, and a little bit more.

    £90.00 (£108.00 inc VAT)
  • The Fluke T5-600 tester lets you check voltage continuity and current with one compact tool. Select volts, ohms or current and the instrument does the rest.

    £116.00 (£139.20 inc VAT)
  • This is a convenient pocket-sized, battery powered proving device that produces a 240V DC output. 

    £51.95 (£62.34 inc VAT)
Results 13 - 24 ( of 48 )