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  • Take out the guesswork, the Socket & See SOK34 is the simple solution for mains wiring testing. The first socket tester to show where the actual fault is, live, earth or neutral and also test true loop impedance. New patent 'fault locate'electronics gives clearest indication yet of good plus 17 wiring fault conditions - more than any other known socket tester.

    £36.95 (£44.34 inc VAT)
  • The Socket&See SP200 Professional Proving Unit offers a convenient way of proving the safe operation of two-pole voltage testers and multimeters. .

    £69.95 (£83.94 inc VAT)
  • The SOK 36 is used to check that the internal wiring of sockets is all correct, and when used it can be used to check true earth loop, polarity and to test residual current devices (RCDs).

    £44.95 (£53.94 inc VAT)
  • The Socket & See SOK22 takes out the guess work - the simple solution for mains wiring testing.
    Logical Green for GO. Bright, easy to read LED's. Clear Audible Indication (SOK22 & SOK32 only). Error free testing.

    £15.95 (£19.14 inc VAT)
  • Socket & See, have launched the new, inexpensive, time and problem saving Socket & See SS130 Socket Adaptor that is fast becoming an essential piece of equipment in every electrician's tool kit. Just plug the adaptor into the socket outlet, then plug the leads from your digital insulation/continuity tester into the adaptor, and you are ready to go.

    £18.95 (£22.74 inc VAT)
  • The Socket & See ITLS 400A Fused Test Lead Set is a high protection fused lead set compatible with all loop and RCD testers using a standard IEC mains input socket.

    £29.95 (£35.94 inc VAT)
  • Provides a safe and reliable means of checking the correct functioning of Multimeters and two pole Voltage Indicators (VIs) before and after use as advised in the Working Practice for electricians.

    £74.95 (£89.94 inc VAT)
Results 13 - 24 ( of 35 )