• Product Description

    When you need to power on the appliance to test fully, then the EZYPAT PLUS is a great non-downloading option. This PAT tester has all the features of the EZYPAT and in addition, it will conduct a run leakage test at 110V and 230V.

    The Kewtech EZYPAT-PLUS PAT Tester is an easy-to-use, non–downloading, battery operated PAT Tester optimised for testing Class I and Class II appliances, including items which require a power supply in order to be fully tested, i.e. appliances with electronic on/off switches such as computers and TVs. Furthermore, this PAT tester can also be used to examine extension leads. 

    The Kewtech EZYPAT-PLUS PAT Tester is the intermediate model in Kewtech’s range of new EZYPAT/ SMARTPAT PAT testers (for more information regarding these models please see the comparison table under the ‘Technical Specifications’).

    Easy to use

    Automatic test sequences

    IT safe with 200mA earth test 250V insulation option

    Battery operated - approx. 1400 tests

    PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens

    Run / Leakage at supply voltage (230V or 110V)

    Large easy-to-read display

    Light and ergonomic shape.


    Performs Earth bond at 200mA (IT safe)

    Battery operated - approx. 1400 tests

    Automatic test sequences

    PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens

    Appliance status pre-check

    Quick check continuity

    5 second continuity

    250 V and 500 V insulation

    Substitute leakage test

    Selectable substitute leakage limits

    Extension lead test

    Test lead nulling

    Back light

    Extension lead adapter

    Earth Continuity test lead with probe

    and croc clip

    Carry bag with handle

    Quick start guide

    What Is Included:

    Extension lead adapter (EZYLEAD) 

    Earth continuity test lead with probe and croc clip (EZYEARTH)

    Mains Lead (EZYMAIN)

    Carry bag with strap

    Item Specification

    Protective Conductor Resistance Test
    Measuring Range 0.00 - 20.00 Ω (NULL value inc)*
    Over-range Indication   > 20.00 Ω
    Resolution 0.01Ω
    Open-circuit Voltage 5 V ±0.4 V DC
    Measuring Current 200 mA DC (nominal value)
    Accuracy ±3%rdg ±5dgt
    * Resistances exceeding 3 Ω cannot be cancelled by NULL function.
    Mains Voltage 
    Display Range 30 - 270 V
    Hi/Lo Indication < 30 V: No voltage indication
    > 270 V: 270 V
    Resolution & Accuracy 1 V ±3%rdg ±5dgt
    Measuring Range  0.00 - 20.00 MΩ
    Over-range Indication    >  20.00 MΩ
    Resolution 0.01 MΩ
    No-load Voltage 250V : 250 V DC +20%, -0%
    500V: 500 V DC +20%, -0%
    Short-circuit Current 1.5 mA DC or less
    Rated Current 250V: 1 -1.2 mA with a load of 0.25 MΩ
    500V: 1 to 1.2 mA with a load of 0.5 MΩ
    Accuracy ±2%rdg±3dgt
    Substitute Leakage 
    Measuring Range 0.10 - 12.00 mA rms
    Over-range Indication > 12.00 mA
    Resolution 0.01mA
    Open-circuit Voltage/ Frequency 30 V ±5 V rms / 50 Hz ±5%
    Measuring Circuit 1.2 mA AC ±0.5 mA (when measuring 12.00 mA)
    Accuracy ±3%rdg±5dgt
    Insulation Testy Between L-N
    Open-circuit Voltage 4.5 V ±0.5 V DC
    Criteria of Judgement 100 kΩ ±20 kΩ or less: LCD shows “<0.10 MΩ” and the measurement is halted.
    Run Leakage 
    Mains Voltage Range 100 - 253 V / 50 Hz
    Measuring Range Load Current: 0.10 - 13.00 A rms
    Leakage Current: 0.10 - 20.00 mA rms
    Display Range Load Current: 0.00 - 13.00 A
    Leakage Current: 0.00 - 20.00 mA
    Over-range Indication Load Current: > 13.00 A Leakage Current: > 20.00 mA
    Resolution Load Current: 0.01A
    Leakage Current: 0.01mA
    Accuracy Load Current: ±10%rdg ±5dgt
    Leakage Current: ±3%rdg ±5dvgt
    Max. Rating Load Current: 3 kVA max. / 15 sec. cont.
    Leakage Current: -
    Physical Specifications
    Safety IEC/EN61010-1 CAT II 300V-instrument
    IEC/EN61010-031 CAT III 600V
    EMC EN61326-1, 2-2
    Possible number of measurements where battery voltage is within the effective range (measuring every 30 sec) Approx. 1400 times  (CLI Rpe: 0 Ω, Rins: 1.1 MΩ)
    Boxed Weight 1.82Kg
    Boxed Dimensions (L x W x D) 261 x 140 x 130mm

    Additional Details

    Type PAT Tester