• Product Description

    The DM62 is ideal for both professionals and DIY, featuring non-contact voltage detection as well as frequency, diode, capacitance, and temperature measurement.


    Rich feature set ideal for various electrical applications.

    Safely check voltage with non-contact voltage detection

    Measure both AC/ DC voltage and current (A, mA, μA)

    Diagnose faults with broad DMM test functions including variable-frequency drive (VFD) mode and voltage range up to 600V

    Fast Efficient Testing and Troubleshooting

    Intuitive and simple user interface for more effective and efficient troubleshooting and testing of electrical and electronic systems.

    Operate the meter with one hand, thanks to compact design and easy-to-access buttons

    Work efficiently using integrated non-contact voltage detector with a flashing backlight and audible indicator

    Navigate the meter’s on-screen menu system easily

    Tough, Reliable, High Quality

    High-quality measurements, long-term stability, and reliability ensure years of safe, accurate and trouble-free operation.

    Take the meter with you anywhere - 2m drop-tested and IP40 rated

    Work with peace of mind knowing your meter has CAT IV-300V, CAT III-600V Safety Category Rating

    Make your job easier with helpful features including auto power off, MIN-MAX-AVG, relative mode, and data hold

    What Is Included:


    Silicone Test Leads

    Soft Carrying Case

    Item Specification

    Continuity Check 30Ω and 480Ω
    Measuring Rate 5 samples per second
    Safety Category Rating CAT IV-300V, CAT III-600V
    IP Rating IP40
    AC/DC Volts Range: 600.0V
    Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.4%
    AC/DC mVolts Range: 600.0mV
    Accuracy: ±1%/0.4%
    AC/DC Amps Range: 10.00A
    Accuracy: ±1.5%/1.0%
    AC/DC mAmps Range: 600.0mA
    Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.7%

    Additional Details

    Type Multimeter