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    This is Amendment No 1 of BS 7671:2018. If you already have a copy of BS 7671: 2018, please purchase this document. If you do not have a copy of BS 7671:2018 please click here to purchase it.

    Amendment 1:2020 to BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations was issued on 1st February 2020 and may be implemented immediately. Electrical installations falling within the scope of Section 722, the erection of which is commenced after 31st July 2020, are to comply with BS 7671:2018 incorporating Amendment 1:2020.


    Amendment 1:2020 amends Section 722 Electric Vehicle Charging Installations.

    Part 2

    Definitions relating to Section 722 have been included.

    Section 700 General

    This overarching section explains the need for Part 7.

    Section 722

    Electric vehicle charging installations, Section 722 amended, based on HD 60364-7-722:2018.

    Section 722 applies to electric vehicle charging installations. It modifies the general requirements for protection against electric shock, and includes specific requirements with regard to PME systems, socket-outlets and connectors, external influences, isolation and switching and RCD protection.

    Regulation 722.411.4.1 adds indent (iv) which adds an alternative solution requirement for charging installations.

    The requirements of this section do not apply to wireless charging, such as inductive charging.

    Appendix 1

    References to British Standards for Section 722 have been included.


    Entries for Section 722 have been included.

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    Author IET
    ISBN (13 digits) 978-1-83953-193-4
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