• Product Description

    Fused test leads for added safety.

    Rotating disk type for unambiguous indication.

    Use this simple-to-operate tester to quickly and accurately check phase sequence as well as determine if any phase is currently open.

    Suitable for use with a wide range of 3-phase power sources from 110V to 600V, the Kewtech KEW8013F phase rotation tester uses a rotating disc to show the direction phase is taking. LED light indicators are also included, showing the status of each phase while you're testing.

    This phase rotation tester is supplied with a set of fused leads with screw-in croc clips; these are also colour-coded to conform with both older and newer EU colour regulations for this type of tester.


    Phase indicator designed to check the presence of open phase and phase sequence by rotating disk and lamps

    Can check wide range of 3 phase power source from 110V to 600V

    Colour coded to confirm with both old and new EU colour regulation

    Fuse leads with screw-in croc-clips

    Item Specification

    Operational Voltage 110-600V AC
    Time limit for continuous >500V: within 5 minutes
    Frequency Response 40-200Hz (AC 110~200V)
     40~400Hz (AC 200~600V)
    Safety Standard IEC61010-1 CAT.III 600V
     Pollution Degree 2
    Withstand Voltage 2200V AC for 5 seconds
    Dimensions 106(L) x 75 (W) x 40(D)mm
    Cord 1.5m (R:red S:white T:blue)

    Additional Details

    Type Phase Rotation Tester