• Product Description

    Your trustworthy socket tester. Audible tone assists in fuse finding.

    The Kewcheck 103 is a three-pin socket testing device designed to give quick and easy indication of the status of a socket's internal wiring without the need to remove the socket panel from the wall.

    To use, simply plug the tester into the socket you wish to test. The three LED lights integrated into this socket tester will then light up in a certain way depending on what's detected, and the product will either emit a continuous, warbling or no tone depending on what's detected.

    All of the possible indications are displayed on the front of the Kewcheck 103 to aid with easily understanding the tester.


    High definition green LEDs with clear audible tone

    Error-free indication of socket status

    LEDs indicate 14 wiring conditions

    Audible fuse finding facility

    Drop proof from height of 1 metre

    Tests BS 1363 sockets

    2 year unconditional guarantee

    Bright durable LEDs outperform neons

    Item Specification

    Socket to BS1363
    Max current draw 11mA

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers