• Product Description

    The Kewcheck R2FL is an adapter designed to make secure connections to circuits being tested.

    Create your own socket-testing adaptor with Kewtech's uniquely designed R2FL socket tester!

    The Kewtech R2FL is terminated with a flying lead; for those with the electrical knowhow, this will allow you to connect your own plug or connector to the R2FL, catering for measurements in various different environments such as 110V sockets.

    On the other ends of its lead, the Kewcheck R2FL is terminated with test lead connector with three ports (for earth, live and neutral). You can plug industry-standard 4mm jack test leads into these connectors and use a digital multimeter (or similar instrument) to test the socket's operation.

    This adaptor is ideal for performing R1+R2 and loop testing.


    It allows for testing instruments’ standard 4mm connectors to be plugged into the adapter

    The adapter comes with a fly lead just fit your own plug / connector

    For R1 + R2 and loop testing

    Makes testing faster, safer and more accurate

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers