• Product Description

    The ultimate solution for safe isolation procedures.

    UK specific KT1790 two pole tester. Permanently GS38 with no covers to lose.

    Kewprove 3 proving unit with a transparent window – so available for hassle free use at any time.

    Kewlok – universal lock off device with selectable combination.

    Made for professional electricians, this special offer bundle pack combines together a selection of useful Kewtech equipment made for safe isolation.



    AC & DC Voltage tests up to 690V

    Clear Oversize luminous LED indication

    0.1 V LCD resolution display

    Soft to touch overmoulded rubber body

    Continuity Test

    Self diagnostic test

    Single Pole phase test

    Phase Rotation test

    Polarity indication

    Auto power on/off

    IP65 rating protects against Dust & Water ingress

    Designed to the new international safety standards IEC 61243-3 & IEC 61010-1


    One size fits most MCBs and toggle type main switches

    Easy to use combination lock

    User selectable integral combination padlock for memorable combination numbers

    No need for separate lock and no keys required.

    Saves having multi piece lock out kits

    Comes with two warning labels that can be secured to the shackle and give user information


    High output will drive even the most high current voltage detector

    Instant ramp up and then step down will prove several voltage levels

    Carry Bag

    Durable carry bag with a shoulder strap and transparent window for the proving unit. Space to carry extra tools.

    Item Specification

    LED Tolerance 7±3V (12V LED), 18±3V (12V LED), 37.5V±4V (50V LED)
    75%±5% of nominal voltage (120/230/400/690V LED)
    LED Response Time <0.6S at 100% of each nominal voltage
    LCD Auto/range resolution 300V (6.0~299.9)/0.1V, 690V (270~759AC/710DC)/1V
    LCD Accuracy (23+/-5ºC) ±1.5V (7~100V), ±1% ± 5dgt (100~690V),
    AC(16~400Hz), DC(±)
    LCD Response Time <1s at 90% of each voltage
    Peak Current Is<3.5mS (at 690V)
    Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 80mA (battery 3V, measuring 690V AC)
    Measurement Duty 30S On (operational time) 240S Off (recovery time)
    Voltage Range (single Pole Phase Test) 100~690V AC (45~100Hz)
    System (Phase Rotation Test) Three-phase 4-wire system
    200~690V phase-to-phase
    (100~400V earth-to-phase)
    AC 50/60Hz
    Detection Range (Continuity Test) 0~400K Ω + 50% (23 ± 5ºC)
    Test Current Approx. 1.5µA (battery 3V, 0 Ω)
    Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 80mA (battery 3V, 0 Ω)
    Operating ref. conditions -15~55ºC no Condensation max 85% RH
    Storage ref. condition -20~70ºC no Condensation, max 85% RH
    Safety standards IEC 61010-1:2010, IEC 61243-3:2010, IEC 601010-031:2008
    Category: CAT III 690, CAT IV 600V polution deg 2
    IEC 61557-7:2007
    IP Rating IP65 (IEC60529)
    Dimensions 243 x 64 x 26 mm
    Weight 190g (including batteries)
    Batteries 3V (2 x 1.5V AAA / LR03)
    Output voltage 180V in to 6.8 Ω , 720V - 820V in to 10M Ω
    Operating conditions -10 to 40 C, 70% RH
    Dimensions W65 x H120 x D45mm

    Additional Details

    Type Safe Isolation