• Product Description

    Fits All MCBs and most toggle Main switches.

    Why have multiple item kits when just one will do?!

    Effectively prevent access to MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) with this lockout from Kewtech.

    Easy to install, the KEWLOK includes a screw attachment which fits directly and grips the MCB before locking into place. A built-in combination dial is included, allowing the KEWLOK to be used without a separate padlocks.

    Each KEWLOK also comes as standard with two warning labels designed for securing to the shackle.


    One size fits most MCBs and toggle type main switches

    Easy to use combination lock

    User selectable integral combination padlock for memorable combination numbers

    No need for seperate lock and no keys required.

    Saves having multi piece lock out kits

    Comes with two warning labels that can be secured to the shackle and give user information

    Additional Details

    Type Lockout Kit