• Product Description

    High output will drive even the most high current voltage detector.

    Instant ramp up and then step down will prove several voltage levels.

    Essential for proving circuits are dead before commencing work. The high output will drive low impedance testers such as traditional test lamps as well as modern two pole testers - the one to have to be confident that it will work with your tester. It even steps down through the voltage stages to prove each stage as well.


    Essential for proving that circuits are not live when working on electrical circuits.

    Makes a perfect partner to the KEWVOLT2, KT1720 & KT1780 / 1790 voltage testers.

    What Is Included:


    Instruction manual

    Certificate of Conformity

    Item Specification

    Output voltage 180V in to 6.8 Ω , 720V - 820V in to 10M Ω
    Operating conditions -10 to 40 C, 70% RH
    Dimensions W65 x H120 x D45mm

    Additional Details

    Type Voltage Testers & Proving Units