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    Durable & clips onto cables includes 50 x PASS labels.

    Need a reliable way of protecting your PASS and FAIL barcode labels used during PAT testing? Kewtech's KEWSNAP tags are the solution you've been looking for!

    KEWSNAP 1 Snap Tags are designed to clip directly onto a cable for quick and easy application (there's no cable ties required, although they can be used if you prefer). Just insert the label inside the plastic covering and clip onto the cable.

    The clips are designed to resist common forms of damage and have a durable, see-through housing so labels inside can still be read.

    As standard this pack ships with 50x correctly-sized passed labels plus 50 individual tags.


    Ensures the integrity of your pass / barcode labels

    Clips on to cable for fast application

    Also could be secured with cable ties

    Comes with correctly sized PASS labels

    Snap tags keep pass labels protected in industrial environments by providing a durable see through plastic housing.

    Now available with 50 x PASS labels included

    Kewsnap size Length 7.4cm xH3.5cm

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    Type Labels