• Product Description

    A great electrical orientated DMM - strong, reliable and robust.

    True RMS readings means that this DMM will read accurately even when measuring AC current and voltage with a distorted sine wave.

    With a wealth of excellent features for a wide range of electrical tests, this Kewtech KT117 Digital is a versatile digital multimeter at a great value price.

    This True RMS Kewtech multimeter is auto ranging and capable of measuring AC/DC current up to 10A and AC/DC voltage up to 600V. Diode tests, capacitance tests and resistance measurement can all be carried out using the KT117.

    Looking for a digital multimeter that can store test results? The Kewtech KT117 Digital Multimeter has an inbuilt data hold memory and a MIN/MAX memory function for continuous testing.

    The ergonomic design of the Kewtech KT117 means it fits comfortably in the users hand and features a 6000 counts LCD screen. Switching between functions is made simple with the KT117 with the use of its rotary dial featured on the front of the multimeter.

    Battery power is conserved by the sleep function of the KT117 which turns off the power of the tester after extended periods of inactivity.

    What Is Included:

    Test leads


    Instruction manual

    Certificate of conformity



    Measures AC/DC current up to 10A

    Measures AC/DC voltage up to 600V

    Auto ranging

    MIN/MAX memory function for continuous testing

    Data hold memory function


    Diode test feature

    Capacitance Measuremmnet

    Resistance Measurement

    Continuity buzzer

    Bar graph indicator

    Display: 6000 counts

    Sleep feature to save batteries

    Complies with IEC61010-1

    CAT. III 300V / CAT. II 600V

    Additional Details

    Type Multimeter