• Product Description

    A standard socket tester does not check for the quality of the earth connection - the Kewtech 107 does.

    A standard socket tester cannot detect a neutral live reverse at the incoming supply - the Kewtech 107 does.

    The most advanced socket tester available, for front line personnel. Includes a standard socket test (checks the wiring configuration at the socket), a loop test (the standard socket test checks the presence of the earth connection, the 107, more importantly, also checks the quality), a mains polarity (check on the correct polarity coming into the building) and a 30mA RCD check.

    More than just a standard socket tester, Kewtech's advanced LOOPCHECK 107 is one of the most advanced socket testers available.

    While other socket testers just check a socket's wiring, the LOOPCHECK 107 also checks the quality of the socket's earth connection and can detect a neutral live reverse at the incoming supply.

    Just plug the LOOPCHECK 107 into the mains supply and it'll do all of the following (RCD/polarity checks activated using buttons):


    Checks correct socket outlet wiring

    Checks the quality of the earthing that is essential for safe installations

    Checks for the polarity of the mains supply

    Checks RCDs with measured current

    Bright LEDs

    Easy to use - anything other than green needs checking out!

    Item Specification

    Rating 230V
    Input Current <18mA (L-E <7mA)
    Frequency 50Hz
    Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
    Humidity 95% non-condesing

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers