• Product Description

    The CM69 is a new high performance TRMS AC Leakage Clamp meter with outstanding low current capability able to resolve down to 1µA. This pocket sized clamp also measures AC/DC voltage and resistance. The advanced jaw design minimises the influence of conductor position and shields against external fields from other conductors to give more accurate and consistent results. The CM69 is capable of accurate AC current measurement from 0.1mA right up to 60A with a resolution of 0.001mA in the 6mA range.

    Peak hold, a switchable low pass filter and TRMS measurement make the CM69 ideal for many applications:

    Troubleshooting of RCD nuisance tripping

    Periodic measurement of leakage current at 50Hz to check for insulation deterioration

    Accurate measurement of triplen neutral currents and other distorted waveforms

    Differential current measurement for appliance testing

    The CM69 also features auto ranging and a high contrast backlit display.

    Earth leakage clamps operate by clamping around both the live and neutral conductors and measuring the difference between the currents flowing, allowing the “leakage value” to be displayed. Alternatively clamping around the earth conductor will also display the earth leakage current.

    The CM69 is supplied with Martindale TL16 test leads, soft carry case, alkaline batteries and manual. All Martindale clamp meters come with a 2 year warranty.

    Please press this link to view a demonstration of CM69 Earth Leakage Applications


    Ranges from 6.000mA to 60.00A

    True RMS measurement

    Low pass filter and peak hold

    Shielded jaw for high repeatability

    Voltage Resistance & Continuity

    Auto power off & low battery indicator

    Display backlight

    What Is Included:

    Leads (TL16)




    Item Specification

    AC Milliamps 6.000mA / 60.00mA / 600.0mA
     Accuracy: 1% ± 3dgt
    AC Amps 6.000A / 60.00A
     Accuracy: ± 1% ± 3dgt
    AC Volts 60.00V / 300.0V Accuracy: ±1% ± 3dgt
    DC Volts 60.00V / 300.0V
     Accuracy: ±1% ± 2dgt
    Ohms 600.0Ω to 600.0kΩ
     Accuracy: ±1% ± 2dgt
     Continuity: buzzer ≤ 60Ω
    Max conductor 20mm Ø
    Operating environment 0°C to 40°C, <80% RH
    Power Off Auto Power Off
    Low Battery Indication
    Power 2 x 1.5V AAA
    Weight 270g approx.
    Dimensions 206 x 76 x 34m

    Additional Details

    Type Clamp Meter & Current Sensors