• Product Description

    The TEK404 is a compact continuity tester with both audible and visual indicators. The tough design makes it ideal for commercial and industrial environments. It has the added benefit over the TEK402 that it’s enhanced safety rating means that it is suitable for use in BS EN61010 CAT II and CAT III locations. Safety features also include an audible warning if accidently connected to live circuits >30V AC.

    The loud 85dB buzzer makes it ideal for use in noisy environments where many continuity buzzers, multimeters or 18th Edition multifunction testers cannot be heard.

    There is a convenient belt clip and the TEK404 is supplied with CATIII 1000V rated TL47 test leads.


    Loud buzzer for noisy environments

    Bright LED for visual indication

    Buzzer & LED intensity reduce with increased continuity resistance

    Low cost continuity tester

    CAT III 600V compliant

    What Is Included:

    Test Leads (TL47)

    Insulated Croc Clips

    MN1604 Battery

    Item Specification

    Probe Voltage  9V DC approx
    Test Current  < 50µA across short circuit
    Continuity Range  2.2kΩ +/- 10%
    Audible Output Level  85dB minimum at 30cm with 0Ω continuity resistance
    LED Indication  Bright Orange LED, buzzer and LED intensity reduce with increasing continuity resistance
    Alarm Function  Pulsed buzzer & LED indication if unit is connected to live circuit voltage >30V AC or >30V DC +/- 20V
    Ingress IP40
    Power Supply 9V, MN1604 / PP3 alkaline battery
    Compliance BS EN61010-2001, CAT III 600V overvoltage
    Dimensions 50 x 64 x 30mm
    Weight Approx 260g
    Belt Clip On rear face

    Additional Details

    Type Multifunctional Testers