• Product Description

    The Martindale PD430 is a 440V AC proving unit, designed to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked, in compliance with Health & Safety recommendations. Using a voltage indicator without first proving it is working correctly could be fatal.

    The PD430 features a low 50V check as well as a high 440V check and is compatible with the is compatible with the new Martindale VI13800 & the Martindale VI13700. This model is suitable for use with any two pole voltage tester, with LED or LCD indication.

    The PD430 can also check Drummond and other filament test lamps as its output is sufficient to illuminate the bulb.

    There is now a facility to power the PD430 proving devices with the addition of a 12V DC power connection point. The units can be powered by either alkaline batteries or a 12V power supply. There are two power supply units available for the proving devices, the PSUPD230 and the PSUHPAT12. The PSUPD230 can be connected to mains power and the PSUHPAT12 is a 12v power supply suitable for use in a car/van cigarette lighter.

    Additional Details

    Type Voltage Testers & Proving Units