• Product Description

    Electrical safety is paramount when performing Part P installation testing. Every year people suffer electric shock and burn injuries, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures will ensure the safety of the electrician and avoid these accidents.

    The Martindale universal lock out kit is compatible with most circuit breakers. It is supplied with a padlock that has its own unique key, and a safety hasp that enables multiple users to lock off with space for up to 6 padlocks.

    The full 16 piece kit includes:

    • 1 x Padlock with unique key
    • 1 x Steel safety hasp, with space for up to 6 padlocks
    • 1 x Green mini MCB lock
    • 1 x Yellow mini MCB lock
    • 1 x Blue medium MCB lock
    • 1 x Large red MCB lock
    • 1 x Small red MCB lock
    • 1 x Red fuse lockout breaker
    • 1 x Yellow fuse lockout breaker
    • 5 x Danger tags which can be overwritten
    • 1 x Black marker for writing on Danger tags
    • 1 x TC55 soft carry case

    Additional Details

    Type Lockout Kit