• Product Description

    Nothing is more dangerous than trusting a defective voltage indicator to test for a dead circuit. Safe electrical work requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proved with a proving device before and after use.  

    The Martindale VIPD contains the VI13800 voltage indicator and the PD440 proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

    Before doing any electrical work it is essential to be absolutely certain the circuit is dead. The Martindale VI13800 is a GS38 compliant voltage indicator which rapidly and safely checks for AC and DC voltages from 50V to 600V. The bright, long life neon indicators give clear and immediate display of the voltage level range.

    The tough, moulded case construction combined with heavy duty, double insulated leads which terminate in a lockable and retractable prod sheath and a substantial finger guard, make this a very reliable and safe instrument.

    This model is an updated version of the VI13700 in order to fully comply with BS EN61243-3:2010. This new model has the fuse replaced by a high wattage resistor in the probe that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable. This protection is superior to the protection offered by the fuse as the current that can flow under fault conditions is considerably less. The vast majority of competitor products have no protection built into the probe.


    Includes instructions
    Conforms to BS EN 61243-3:2010 CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000V
    Class II, Double Insulation
    EMC: Conforms to BS EN 61326-1

    Item Specification

    Nominal Voltage Range 50 - 600V AC/DC
    Nominal Voltage Threshold Indications 50, 100, 200, 400 V DC/AC rms
    Nominal Voltage threshold tolerance < 85% of marked threshold indication
    Polarity indication from approx 12V DC/AC rms
    AC/DC voltage detection automatic
    Range detection automatic
    Response time < 0.1s
    Frequency range DC, 1 - 400 Hz
    Test current < 3.5mA at 600V DC/AC rms
    Duty ratio 30s ON (operated)/240s OFF (recovery)

    Additional Details

    Type Voltage Testers & Proving Units