• Product Description

    Supplied in a robust case complete with transmitter (FD600/T) and receiver (FD650/R) it can operate with either the 13A plug top lead for sockets, or the TL83 lead for light fittings or other points without sockets. This allows tracing from socket to fuse or location to location.

    A 6 segment bargraph gives progressive indication of signal strength allowing even faster identification.

    Two modes are available:

    - Automatic mode: which has a memory and auto adjusting for sensitivity for foolproof identification.

    - Manual mode: which allows very rapid fuse finding using the bargraph.


    Microprocessor Controlled

    Manual and Auto Modes

    6 Segment Bargraph

    Non Contact Voltage Indicator

    Item Specification

    Receiver dimensions 202 x 32 x 22mm
    Transmitter dimensions 65 x 65 x 46mm
    Receiver weight (excluding battery) 150g
    Transmitter weight (excluding battery) 65g

    Additional Details

    Type Cable Locator & Fuse Finders